2 New CDs
from "Andrew the Harpist"
are Now Available
1) "Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs"
      With harp and lyre; Andrew first sings Scripture with spontaneous psalming unto the Lord, then traditional hymns which hold powerful messages for the present times, and lastly, original songs with Bible texts.
2) "The Harp/Lyre Only Soaker"
      Close yourself in with the Lord with the music of harp and lyre, as you read the Bible, pray, or simply rest in the Lord, "soaking" in His Presence and hearing his heart.
How To Order:
  • Please notify me by email at me@AndrewTheHarpist.ws concerning which CDs you would like and the number of each.
  • Send check or money order made out to ANDREW BENNETT for $15 per CD along with your name and address to:
 Andrew Bennett 
 PO BOX 35  
 Dayton, MD 21036

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