Andrew Wright Bennett


Andrew Wright Bennett, also known as "Andrew the Harpist" is a "Psalmist," like David, and with a large "Paraguayan" harp and a small lyre, both of which he built, Andrew sings in worship to the Lord, and in prayer, singing also the Scriptures, even preaching the Word of God in song, while playing the harp and lyre.
The spiritual ministry of the harp and lyre is ancient. When David played the harp or lyre before King Saul, the evil spirit that troubled King Saul left him for a season. In the Scriptures, the harp and lyre are often associated, with worship, prayer, and prophecy.
When Andrew just simply plays the harp or lyre in worship to the Lord, the Presence of the Lord descends, and a spirit of insanity and confusion lifts, as revelation and comfort from the Lord, comes. When Andrew sings passionately to and of the Lord, hearts are moved to surrender to the Lord's love.


Andrew's ministry is based in the Washington DC area, and he is available to minister with the harp and lyre for events held within the city, and also in the churches, and is also able to travel to minister with harp and lyre in your area. (A former "minister of music," and graduate of Central Bible College, in Springfield Missouri, with a BA in Sacred Music - Voice, Andrew also plays 28 different musical instruments, to bring glory to the Lord through musical worship.)
To Contact Andrew please email me@AndrewTheHarpist.ws  or call 240-601-4843.
The song you are listening to is "The Messiah's Love Song," and was composed by Andrew W. Bennett in (c)1998, and is copyright protected.

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